We purchased our home new but found out in the dead of winter that we could count on JTR Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. of Peotone for fast, friendly and reasonable service. It must have been one of the coldest day when our furnace went out! I had no idea who to call… so after opening the phone book and contacting a few other heating companies who were too busy to help me, I called JTR in Peotone. My first contact was with Jerry who had a service man out to us in a couple of hours. The service tech told us the ignitor switch had gone bad and could be replaced. He explained the reason the ignitor switch burned out was the unit was under capacity for our size home. The next day, Jerry came out to explain the current furnace would not take care of our home needs and the ignitor switch would continue to burn out. Jerry worked up a few estimates for us to review and make the best decision for a new energy efficient furnace at the best price. (PS: I did check another service just to make sure the diagnosis was correct and JTR was right on the money. Understand, I needed to do my homework with such a large purchase to make sure a new furnace was truly needed). We did the new installation of a new “Energy efficient unit” and we are so HAPPY, the money we are saving in our heating bills are great and just as Jerry had stated our thermostat is set at a lower temperature and our home has never been warmer! The JTR team were quick, efficient and clean up after themselves. We have been very pleased with JTR service team and the next year we replaced the air conditioning unit with an energy efficient unit as well! The JTR team is local and they take care of all my service needs but mostly they are reasonable and never try to over sell or make unnecessary repairs. Thank you JTR Heating and Air Conditioning Team for a job well done!

Joyce & Richard Novakovich, Peotone, IL 60468

4 years ago we purchased a new home in which the furnace and air conditioner was not properly sized for the house. The issue being there was only 1 unit and the upstairs was uncomfortable in both the summer and the winter. At the recommendation of the JTR sales person we purchased the two stage variable speed unit and are truly glad we did. The unit has truthfully impressed and the house as a whole is much more comfortable. I must also let you know for a period of one month (30 days) we tried something unique to see how things would compare. My two neighbors, with the same size houses, and I set our thermostats to 74 degrees and did not touch them until the thirty days were up, the result: both neighbors electric bills were identical at $250.00, ours was $150.00. We were very impressed!

Patrick Murnighan