powerWe realize how much your home and family mean to you. Honeywell automatic standby generators are just one more way we offer assurance they remain protected. Power outages bring potential dangers with them – freezing pipes, mold when the air conditioning goes out, loss of refrigeration, lights, and communication. Your Honeywell home backup generator will help guard against these dangers to keep you, your family and your assets secure. Call us today to learn more about backup or portal generators.

Honeywell Home Backup Generators We Offer:

We offer a full range of backup generators with a variety of power levels including:

  • 8kW
  • 11kW
  • 16kW
  • 20kW
  • 22kW

These Generators offer the Following Benefits:

  • Automatic Operation and Emergency “on” – our line of generators is built to sense a power outage or problems in the grid electric supply to your home. As soon as the power is cut to the home – due to storms or other matters – your home backup generator automatically turns on and keeps your home utilities and running in the same order as before the power outage
  • No Generator Refueling is Necessary – Home backup generators can be hooked up to existing natural gas pipelines that would normally feed water heaters and stoves in the home. This allows for a steady stream of fuel for the generator, offering days, weeks and even months of backup power.
  • Protect Perishables – In the case of a power outage, utilities such as freezers or refrigerators will lose power and start to warm. If the food inside is not kept at a safe temperature, it must be thrown away – as it begins to spoil. You don’t have to worry about throwing away expensive food in this scenario if you have a properly installed home backup generator protecting your home.
  • Remote Monitoring – With remote monitoring, the overall health of your home backup generator is constantly monitored via a wireless network. With this monitoring, you can be alerted to problems that may be arising with the unit, or be alerted for annual maintenance.

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