How to Cut Your Heating Costs

Every homeowner in Monee and the surrounding areas is always on the lookout to reduce heating bills over the long, cold winters. Putting over 30 years of experience to work for you, JTR Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. has compiled a list of suggestions to help out.

Did you know you don’t necessarily need to invest money to save money? There are several effective energy conserving strategies that are totally free!

  • Open up the curtains, blinds or shades and use the heat from the sun to warm up the home during the daytime.
  • Close the curtains, blinds or shades at night to add a layer of insulation against the windows.
    Bundle up in some warmer clothing and put on a pair of cozy socks so you can lower the thermostat without shivering.
  • Turn down the thermostat while everyone is asleep.
  • Lower the thermostat when the house is left unoccupied during the day.
  • Shut the door on those extra rooms you never use and close the vents.
  • Try a home-cooked meal or bake something and take advantage of the heat from the oven.
  • Check to make sure all doors and windows are closed tightly.
  • Set ceiling fans to turn clockwise to push heat trapped up near the ceiling back down toward the floor.
  • Make sure furniture isn’t blocking the flow of heated air from vents.
  • Take a look at some affordable measures you can take to reduce your home’s heating bills this winter.

  • Schedule an energy audit to identify heat loss.
  • Replace air filters to prevent harmful debris from getting inside the inner workings of the heating system.
  • Schedule professional, annual heating maintenance from JTR Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. to optimize system efficiency.
  • Upgrade to a smart thermostat for automatic temperature adjustment.
  • Add insulation to reduce heat loss by way of the attic and walls.
  • Install a whole-house humidifier to feel comfortable at lower thermostat settings.
  • Consider a new, high-efficiency heating system.

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